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Computer Consulting

If you're not in the computer and info tech business, chances are, you're not a computer expert. There's also a good chance that from time to time, you could use the advice of a computer expert. We're here to help. At Bolinas Road Creative we've been computer geeks longer than we'd like to admit. Hint: When we started Apple hadn't yet made a Mac and IBM thought computers should be the size of a dumpster.

If you're interested in finding some ways to make your computers work more so that you can work less, we'd like to help.

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Executive Computer Training

Today's executives need to know a lot. For most businesses, that includes understanding how to use computers and a wide range of applications. Sometimes, it's not easy to polish these skills on the job.

If you'd like personalized computer training, contact us by email with a description of your training needs. If we can help, we'll get in touch with a proposal. We can provide training over the phone, in person or over the web. The standard executive training rate is $75/hr. Travel time in the San Francisco Bay Area is usually half rate.