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Web Design

Web design changes at a rapid speed. Techniques and tools for building websites come and go. It's hard to keep up with the online universe. At Bolinas Road Creative we keep up with the changes because we're also in the business of writing books and training videos about web design. You benefit from this expertise when we design and host your website.

If you're interested in finding some ways to make your computers work more so that you can work less, we'd like to help.

Responsive Web Design

Today, we're all carrying smartphones and tablets. The primary use of these handhelds is to surf the web. If you're building a website today, it needs to accomodate phones, tablets, desktop computers, TV browsers and more. At Bolinas Road Creative, we understand responsive web design and we can build you a site (like this one) that changes to accomodate all types of devices.

Here's how responsive web design works. When someone views your web page on a phone, tablet or computer, the page formats the text and pictures to fit the device and the browser window. Pictures are re-sized to fit. Text is resized to be readable. If two or three columns is too crowded, as it usually is on a smartphone, the text is displayed in a single column. Responsive web pages will even reorganize content to accomodate landscape or portrait screen orientation. Go ahead...turn that tablet on its side.